Permanent Makeup is the art and science of implanting the color of your skin. Permanent make-up, also known as “micro-pigment application”, is the process of placing natural and mineral dyes under the skin with the help of a sterile and disposable needle. After the process is completed, the epidermis cells die and are renewed. The pigments which will be used are herbal and organic dyes; with absolutely no side effects, designed specially for face and body use and does not contain additives and fragrances.

Permanent Eyebrow application, also known as Eyebrow Contour, is used to recreate or fill the eyebrow area cosmetically. The sparse area in the eyebrows are filled in. With this application, the deformed eyebrow shape can be corrected, low eyebrows can be lifted, new eyebrows can be designed to replace the lossed eyebrows for medical reasons, or sparse areas in eyebrows can be filled.

With Permanent Lip Makeup (Lip contour) application, small and thin lips can be made larger and fuller without any surgical operation or filling. Big and full lips can be shown smaller and thinner. Colorless and pale lips can be colored to give them a more lively appearance. If there are color gaps and scars on the lip, it can be brought to the normal appearance of the lips by camouflaging them perfectly. Permanent Lip Make-up reduces the time lost from daily use of lip liner, lipstick or lip gloss. Flowing of lipstick and gloss will be prevented. It gives your lips a natural color and “perfect” shape.

With Permanent Makeup Eyeliner application; big eyes can be normalized, adjacent eyes can be shown more apart, small eyes can be shown larger, unpretentious eyes can be shown more exotic and attractive. It is possible to have brighter and more meaningful looks with the permanent make-up application of eyeliner in women with lifeless eyelashes or people with small eyes.

You can have permanent make-up, If you always want to look more beautiful and well-groomed, or you have to put on make-up every day or if you cannot use make-up because of your allergies; if your eyebrows are sparse, falling out, have deformities, stitches, scars or permanent stains; your lips are thin or your lip contour is not prominent; If you don’t like the shape of your eyebrows or you want to raise your eye line.


Ladies who are allergic to cosmetic products

women with eye disorders

Women with sparse, very light or half eyebrows

Working ladies with limited time

women using contact lenses

Ladies with arthritis or trembling hands

Ladies who have to look good all the time in professional life

Women who have problems from treatments such as chemotherapy

Getting rid of the asymmetrical lines on their faces, ladies


It is a hair-like pigmentation compatible with the eyebrow structure. The main eyebrow color is copied and the gaps and sparse parts are intensified with the bristle technique. Thus, a regular appearance of the eyebrows is ensured. The tip of the lower eyebrows can be lifted with the application of the hair technique and the sad expression on the face leaves its place to a more lively and aesthetic appearance. All missing eyebrows can be configured in a natural look with the bristle technique.

3D eyelashes and permanent make-up applications are free of charge for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment and have lost their eyebrows and eyelashes.